Voters often ask me “what is my platform.”  The answer to that question is to provide the best possible police services to the public while maintaining a realistic budget.

I have proven over the past three years that I am able to come in under budget, while continuing to improve services.  You might measure better service as faster response time to calls for service or more criminal arrests.  Our officers have done that, but there are other factors to consider.  The Sheriff’s Office has increased positive interactions with the community and provided new educational and learning opportunities.

As sheriff, I knew it was important to engage the community in topics like drug addiction, suicide awareness, domestic abuse, racial relationships and human trafficking.  My staff and I have done this through community forums held at the Gail Borden library in Elgin and Santori library in Aurora.  I also saw the need to engage younger citizens to improve the police image among our youth.  That commitment was realized through the creation of the Junior Deputy Police Academy (like the Citizens Police Academy, but for high school students).  These programs have proven that police/citizen barriers can be reduced and/or eliminated.

The two largest concerns I have heard from the community is the opioid crisis and school safety.  I have taken proactive steps to address each issue.  Last year, the Sheriff’s Office partnered with several other local police departments, the Drug Enforcement Administration, and Cook County in creating a Heroin Highway Task Force.  While arrest and prosecution is the primary focus, deferred prosecution and addiction treatment are also objectives of the task force.  School safety has never been more important than in recent times.  I saw the need to get School Resource Officers (SRO) additional training called ALICE.  This training differs from the response to active shooters police officers learned in the past.  ALICE is a response that should be taught to all school staff, and students and parents of school-aged children.  The Sheriff’s Office has initiated this training at Kaneland High School.  I intend on providing training from my staff to all school teachers in Kane County.

As previously stated, improved police services include more than good response times and criminal arrests.  I believe in programs that help protect our seniors, improve our relationship with our citizens (especially our youth), and address social issues that create barriers.

Program Links:


Kane County Safety Coalition

Kane County Juvenile Justice Council

Kane County Task Force on Drinking and Driving

National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI)

Kane County Specialty Court Advisory Council (formally Kane County Juvenile Drug Court Advisory Council)



Improvements to the Sheriff’s Office Public Safety Division

  • Implementation of Court Smart online training for police officers
  • Lexipol policy and procedure manual for police officers
  • Quarterly training for all patrol officers
  • Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training within the Sheriff’s Office
  • New fleet of all-wheel drive police cruisers
  • Automation of police records to electronic form
  • Partnering with other police agencies to improve drug enforcement
  • Expansion of the Regional SWAT team
  • Hosting the Major Crimes Task Force within the Sheriff’s Office

Improvements to the Sheriff’s Office Corrections Division

  • Fully utilizing computer software for Corrections Division
  • Replacement of outdated video security equipment (digital conversion)
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Lexipol policy and procedure manual for Corrections Officers
  • Reduction of top-heavy command staff
  • Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training for Corrections Officers
  • Creating jail programming to reduce recidivism
    • Parenting Class
    • Mental Health Case Management
    • Addiction Treatment Services
    • GED Program
    • Computer tablets for educational programs and GED studies

Improvements to the Sheriff’s Office Court Security Division

  • Purchase and installation of X-ray equipment at several court locations
  • Replacement of outdated video security equipment (digital conversion)
  • Adoption of a building safety plan (annual review)
  • Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training for Court Security Officers
  • Improved new-officer academy training